Talks. Throughout the winter we have amazing talks given by experts from the Club and beyond. Some focus on species we all think we know, like sparrows and beavers. Others explore new and unfamiliar territory, like state-of-the-art ecological monitoring or molecular techniques.

There are lively talks about conservation, local archaeology and history, expeditions by Club Members, presentations about new projects, discussions about the philosophy of natural history, and in depth study of organisms which everyone knows, likes and understands are important, like honey bees.

A full house for a talk about recording local history as it happens

A full house for a talk about recording local history as it happens

Martyn Kelly delivers a talk about diatoms

Martyn Kelly delivers a talk about diatoms, 8 October 2016

Each season, a particular effort is made to have at least one speaker talking about organisms which are usually overlooked by amateur naturalists. In 2017, we had talks about cyanobacteria and slime moulds which, despite their unappealing name, are amazingly photogenic. In 2020 there will be a talk about microsporidia, a group of profoundly important parasites with more than 1500 species worldwide, but so poorly understood that science still doesn't know which biological kingdom they belong to.

One thing is sure, you will come away from each lecture having learned something new.

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