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Preliminary List of Oomycota Recorded from the Whitby Area

This is a simple list of oomycete species recorded from the Whitby area. The list is incomplete, preliminary and unconfirmed. The Club is grateful to C.S.V. Yeates of the Yorkshire Naturalists' Union for supplying most of this information. For further information about oomycetes from the Whitby area, please contact the Club's Fungi Recorder.

 ●  Albugo candida
 ●  Albugo tragopogonis
 ●  Bremia lactucae
 ●  Hyaloperonospora parasitica
 ●  Peronospora alta
 ●  Peronospora ficariae
 ●  Peronospora grisea
 ●  Peronospora oerteliana
 ●  Phytophthora infestans
 ●  Plasmopara nivea
 ●  Plasmopara pusilla
 ●  Plasmopara pygmaea