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Events. The Club's programme is full of great events all year round! Click here to see our what's coming up.

The Club's stand at Pannett Park's open day, July 2019

The Club stand at Pannett Park's open day, July 2019

Field meetings. From spring to autumn, there are field meetings at every level from beginners to advanced. In 2019, by day, we saw seals at Ravenscar, and gannets and puffins at Bempton. By night, we were out looking for rare bats and hearing the eerie but evocative song of the nightjar - a bird endangered at the European level, but amazingly frequent near Whitby. We trapped (and, after study, released) moths and small mammals like mice, shrews and voles. We taught groups to identify wild flowers and trees. We monitored butterflies, scoured the shore for unusual marine life, and explored moor and forest for rare fungi. And a lot else besides!

Talks. Throughout the winter we have amazing talks given by experts from the Club and beyond. Some focus on species we all think we know, like beavers and sparrows. Others take the audience into new and unfamiliar territory, like state-of-the-art ecological monitoring techniques. One thing is sure, you will come away from each lecture having learned something new.

Workshops. Each year the Club organizes displays and workshops, some for beginners, some more advanced, some for adults, some for kids. In 2019 we ran a stand in Whitby's Pannett Park on its open day, and had three workshops on close observation of nature run jointly with the Captain Cook Memorial Museum.

Aelfleda Pybus presents Alan Ritson with the 2017 photographic competition prize

Aelfleda Pybus presents Alan Ritson with the 2017 photographic competition prize

Flower painting for kids at a Club workshop in August 2019

Plant painting at the Club's August 2019 workshop

Annual photo competition. The Club awards prizes for the best photo overall, and the best by a young photographer. See the rules. Kids can win the overall prize. Adults can't win the junior prize which, this year, is a double rollover. Get your entries in!

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