Author Topic: Wildlife survey. May Beck. Friday 26 & Saturday 27 July 2019.  (Read 47 times)

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Leader. Wendy English. Location. May Beck. Meet at May Beck car park [NZ892024]. Date. 26 & 27 July 2019. Time. 21.00 [Friday] & 06.30 [Saturday]. Notes. This is the Forestry Commission’s centenary year, and the theme of their celebration is the “Big Forest Find”. Our open event (originally planned for 17-18 May, but postponed because of bad weather) will include moth trapping, bat detecting, small mammal trapping and bird ringing in the evening and early morning with Club Recorders. The Friday evening survey will involve a moth lamp and bat detectors. The plan is to stay until late evening, an opportunity for Club Members to experience the forest at night, and see some of the diverse moths that will be attracted to the lamp. On the Saturday morning, mammal traps left out overnight will be checked, to find which small mammals inhabit the area. A moth trap will also be left running overnight, and moths caught will be examined and released. In addition to observing any birds using the area, a bird ringing station will be set up. Members are welcome to observe these events which will all take place near the car park. Contact. Wendy English [wendy.english<at>].