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Postal Address Whitby Naturalists' Club, Whitby Museum, Pannett Park, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO21 1RE, UK

President The Marquis of Normanby

Chairman David Minter [chairman<at>]
Vice Chairman Alan Ritson [vicechairman<at>]
General Secretary Ruth Harwood [secretary<at>]
Committee Secretary Ruth Harwood [secretary<at>]
Treasurer Margaret Heald [treasurer<at>]
Membership Secretary Richard Harwood [members<at>]
Archivist & Librarian Sandra Turner [library<at>]

Auditor Noel Stokoe
Circulation of Magazines Mike Dawson
Press & Publicity position vacant
Outreach & Education Marian Brockway
Webmaster David Minter [webmaster<at>]

Amphibians & Reptiles Harriet Wood [reptiles<at>]
Archaeology Christiane Kroebel [archaeology<at>]
Birds John McEachen [birds<at>]
Freshwater Fish Roger Payn [freshwaterfish<at>]
Fungi David Minter [fungi<at>]
Geology Timothy Burnhill [geology<at>]
Insects [Lepidoptera] Graham Featherstone [lepidoptera<at>]
Insects [other] Alan Ritson [insects<at>]
Local History Christiane Kroebel [localhistory<at>]
Mammals Jeremy Snape [mammals<at>]
Microbes & Protists position vacant [microbes<at>]
Other Invertebrates Alan Ritson [invertebrates<at>]
Plants Wendy English [plants<at>]
Sea & Shore Life Jane Pottas [seashore<at>]
Weather Peter Wallace [weather<at>]


Executive Committee

In addition to the Officers, this Committee has the following elected / co-opted members: Marian Brockway (2018-2021), Sue Clarke (2018-2021), Wendy English (2019-2022), Graham Featherstone (2019-2022), Rick Harwood (2018-2021), Wendy Holliday (2019-2022), Janet Mole (2017-2020), Graham Oliver (2017-2020), Laura Smith (2017-2020). Recorders may also attend meetings of this Committee.



Conservation (chair: Alan Ritson). Field Meetings & Workshops Programme (chair: Wendy English). Lecture Programme (chair: Jane Pottas). Recorders' (chair: Alan Ritson). Special Events (chair: David Minter).

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