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Postal Address Whitby Naturalists' Club, Whitby Museum, Pannett Park, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO21 1RE, UK

President The Marquis of Normanby
Chairman David Minter
Vice Chairman Alan Ritson
General Secretary Ruth Harwood
Committee Secretary Ruth Harwood
Treasurer Margaret Heald
Membership Secretary Richard Harwood
Archivist & Librarian Sandra Turner

Auditor Noel Stokoe
Circulation of Magazines Mike Dawson
Lecture Programme Jane Pottas
Press & Publicity position vacant
Outreach & Education Marian Brockway
Webmaster David Minter

Amphibians & Reptiles Harriet Wood [reptiles<at>]
Archaeology Christiane Kroebel [archaeology<at>]
Birds John McEachen [birds<at>]
Freshwater Fish Roger Payn [freshwaterfish<at>]
Fungi David Minter [fungi<at>]
Geology Timothy Burnhill [geology<at>]
Insects [Lepidoptera] Graham Featherstone [lepidoptera<at>]
Insects [other] Alan Ritson [insects<at>]
Local History Christiane Kroebel [localhistory<at>]
Mammals Jeremy Snape [mammals<at>]
Microbes & Protists position vacant [microbes<at>]
Other Invertebrates Alan Ritson [invertebrates<at>]
Plants Wendy English [plants<at>]
Sea & Shore Life Jane Pottas [seashore<at>]
Weather Peter Wallace [weather<at>]


Executive Committee

In addition to the Officers, this Committee has the following elected / co-opted members: Marian Brockway (2018-2021), Sue Clarke (2018-2021), Wendy English (2019-2022), Graham Featherstone (2019-2022), Rick Harwood (2018-2021), Wendy Holliday (2019-2022), Janet Mole (2017-2020), Graham Oliver (2017-2020), Laura Smith (2017-2020). Recorders may also attend meetings of this Committee.



Conservation (chair: Alan Ritson). Field Meetings & Workshops Programme (chair: Wendy English). Lecture Programme (chair: Jane Pottas). Recorders' (chair: Alan Ritson). Special Events (chair: David Minter).

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